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I have been a client of Uptown Properties since 2006. They have helped me and our building with multiple services including resolving/collecting association fee’s, maintenance issues, large structural projects, rental code of conduct, and posting financial documents online for easy accessibility when needed.
I would give Uptown Properties 5 stars. Uptown Properties is quick to respond to emails and voicemails, and proactive in following up on outstanding questions. 

An item that sets Uptown Properties apart is that they do the research, and provide vendor/price options in order to optimize your budget and receive quality work on projects that need to be done at your property.

Uptown Properties is very professional and I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services.



Faith was great, she assists in helping us find people to rent our properties. she is ON IT!  We will use her again.



Working with Uptown Properties is great and stress free. Faith has great knowledge and contacts to manage any property. She does a great job finding responsible tenants. She takes care of any maintenance issues promptly. She is fiscally responsible and looks out for the property owner's best interests. She is easy to reach and always available. Best of all, she takes care of my investment.




Faith was incredible assisting us with listing our new rental home property, and leasing our home for us. She was great to work with and very committed to giving us the best customer service and options available for us to turn our property into a rental home.
Faith has helped us with the management side of our rental business for several years now, and we are excited to have her working with us now on leasing our rental properties out as well. We succeeded in getting our property turned into a rental home with the help of Uptown Properties and we will continue to use Faith and her team for managing our property moving forward.



Faith is incredibly punctual and consistent and she is always a resource when needed. Faith has helpfully guided me through several different situations since I moved into my present condo, some of which were difficult. She handled them with a calm professionalism that put me at ease.  She is extremely helpful and courteous. I highly recommend her services!




I'm partnered with Faith on a vacation rental in Reno, NV. We bought the house with the intention of having an inexpensive west coast second home. With Faith's background in Real Estate, we decided to generate income by making it a vacation rental. In 3 months, we transformed a dated property into a beautiful, comfortable home. Faith handles the books, works with renters, manages the property remotely, and has selected reliable people that she enjoys working with.


There were several surprises along the way during remodeling. We found leaks we didn't know about, warped flooring, appliances that needed replacing, etc.. Faith was economical in her decisions, while still maintaining style and comfort. She said several times, "If we do it right, we do it once, not once a year." The property generates income, so not only do we have a free place to stay on the west coast, we have a place for friends and family to visit as well. Faith was great to work with and I plan on doing more vacation rental projects with her.

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