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Spring has Sprung, Time to Run



With the beauty of spring upon us, inspiring us all to beautify our bodies and minds with the rush of new air, new growth, and take stock of where we're at in life, I find myself doing this on each of my runs and rides lately. Each time, I come home with a new objective, a new goal, or a new insight. Or even sometimes, a new pain.


As I sunk into my happy pace, trying to stave off a calf-cramp that's been looming for over a week now, I lost myself in music and the pavement, catching a particular lyric here and there that would cause me to think and rethink. I found myself doing what I always do - reinforce what's important to me, analyze where I'm at, and itemize what I need to focus on. I felt that magical thing that so far for me, only exercise can bring - clarity.


My calf started causing me "runner's grimace" and I had to walk a few times or do a quick massage, but anytime I saw a runner coming towards me, I'd push on and jump back in. They're suffering - I can suffer too. I was 6-8 mins from the end and I saw an overweight gal with the same runner's grimace I had been attempting to hide. I smiled a big smile and she matched mine back. "Atta girl", I thought. I'm complaining about a stupid calf when she's suffering and pushing herself harder than I am. Some have to work harder than others. My dumb, random luck gave me a small frame, though my diet does not suggest anything "small". It took that random second of connecting with her to change my mood.


Thanks girl.


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